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Discover efficient alternative energy solutions with the ENER-G + brand, iComfort products, new products designed for your personal well-being and adapted to your lifestyle, as well as the essentials for the Westinghouse home. Select one of our three brands and indulge in a variety of products to suit your lifestyle.

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of branded products and advanced technology

Discover the range of Energ + ® products. We focus on alternative and clean energies out of respect to the environment of your customers. We offer our customers outdoor infrared heating products using the latest cutting-edge technology.

The iComfort® products have your well being at heart, which is why we offer you massage chairs, infrared saunas, and high-quality personal massage products with a refine design.

Westinghouse®, the internationally renowned brand, offers top quality outdoor heating products, accessories and massage chairs and infrared saunas.

Through our permanent offices in Asia, we can offer you dedicated North American / Mexican sourcing services for big box banners. Often when importing large quantities, the quality of a product no longer meets your standards, possibly with disastrous consequences. That's why we perform quality control at all points during production and inspect before the product leaves the manufacture plant.

These rigorous inspection and quality control departments demonstrate why we are particularly efficient in meeting your specific needs in this constantly changing world. Proprietor of several designs and patents, we have for the past 20 years consolidated our relationships with our commercial partners, building a proven and loyal reputation that makes our competitors envious.

In conclusion, we would like to add that the key to EBI's success lies largely in our staff: passionate and dedicated people who strive for excellence every day.


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